Insulated Roll-Up Spiral Door ISO 50

The top of the range between insulated doors Thermicroll® Spiral Door ISO 50 provides the best performance in terms of speed, security and isolation, combined with an attractive aesthetic look; it is suitable for both inside and outside applications.

The winding patented circular spiral is made of high density polyethylene and the curtain is composed of aluminum panels or double wall steel with high thermalacoustic insulation and the possibility of insertion of polycarbonate windows. The winding space is very low. It does not require anchoring to the ceiling.

Insulated Roll-Up Spiral Door ISO 50

Insulated shutters are a technological evolution in the field of speed doors. The objective of these insulated roller doors is to divide operating areas marked by different acoustic and thermal intensities or for different uses.

Thermicroll® Spiral Door ISO 50 industrial doors are part of the company’s range of solutions, which have been committed for years to provide products capable of supporting and managing various logistical problems within the company.

The features of the industrial doors are suitable for any type of industry. The Spiral Door ISO 50 insulated roll-up door is the top of our company products, designed to ensure an incomparable level of speed, safety and insulation.

Spiral Door ISO 50 insulated roll-up doors: technical specifications

Among the most significant features of Spiral Door ISO 50 insulated shutters is the high-density polyethylene patented circular spiral winding. The cover of the damper is in double-walled aluminium or steel panels with high thermal-acoustic insulation and the possibility of inserting polycarbonate windows.

Extreme response speed, minimum displacement noise, absolute safety, upper winding with reduced overall dimensions, thanks to the special processing of the curved insulated profile make this product at the cutting edge of the industrial doors sector. In addition, no ceiling anchors are required for fixing the damper door saddle, unlike traditional quick-wound doors.

Ground impression is completely absent when the shutter is open. The last characteristic of the ISO 50 industrial shutter, but not for importance, is its very attractive aesthetics, able to provide the customer with an excellent business card of its activity. These and other innovations make Thermicroll® the leading company in design, research and development.