Security windows that don’t look like security

In everyday building operation, windows already fulfil several important functions. At the same time they manage natural daylight and ventilation, offer thermal insulation and, as part of the building envelope, contribute to its architectural style. Security windows by SAELZER fulfil all these basic functions according to latest standards and additionally integrate graduated and combinable security and protection against the most diverse threat scenarios.

Using our own custom developed profiles, the frame constructions made of either steel or aluminium keep up the narrow profile face widths preferred in modern architectural styles. At the same time they offer safety and security of the chosen rating and the stability to integrate extensive and heavy multi-functional glazing. Viewed from the outside, their security potential mostly remains secret. Exposed to threats, however, security windows by SAELZER guarantee tested and certified protection up to highest standards.

SSecurity windows by SAELZER – safety classes and ratings

  • Forced entry resistance classes up to RC5; in tilted position up to RC3
  • Breakout resistance up to class RC4, elements tested on both sides
  • Bullet resistance ratings up to FB7-NS
  • Blast resistance classes up to EXR3, additionally tested with 100kg, 200kg and 500kg of explosives (GSA2)
  • Frame materials steel and aluminium