Security façades that combine protection and transparency

In order to make modern architecture’s transparent styles consistently transferrable to security façades, SAELZER developed a highly efficient complete solution as post and mullion construction in aluminium and steel-aluminium design. This security façade solution offers combined forced entry, bullet and blast resistance up to highest safety classes. Narrow profiles and expansive glazing are joined together in one consistent design.

SAELZER security façades have successfully run through numerous tests at independent national and international testing institutes with a variety of insert units and in different customer specific designs. Many expert opinions confirm the system’s uncompromising security performance in each individual design. Integrated, holistic system development by SAELZER enables the architect to realize unitary modern security façades and inner security partition walls that feature the same elegant design as standard façades.

Security façades and -partition walls by SAELZER – safety classes and ratings

  • Forced entry resistance classes up to RC5
  • Bullet resistance ratings up to FB7-NS
  • Blast resistance tested with 100kg, 200kg and 500kg of explosives (GSA2)
  • Frame materials steel and aluminium