Security doors that integrate functional diversity

Being movable and highly stressed components, the construction of multi-functional security doors is quite complex. Safety functions – for example forced entry and bullet resistance – in some applications even have to be extended by blast resistance and/or fire and smoke protection. Additionally, these special doors must be prepared to elegantly integrate automated fittings and access control units.

Each single door function is security-related and has to function reliably and durably as part of the overall door system. Security doors by SAELZER offer functional diversity by being individually adaptable to a whole variety of single and combined threat scenarios. In order to meet the most diverse customer demands in operating comfort and style, multiple design options have been tested and approved.

Security doors by SAELZER – safety classes and ratings

  • Forced entry resistance up to classes RC5 / RC6 (in steel)
  • Break-out resistance up to class RC4, elements tested on both sides
  • Bullet resistance ratings up to FB7-NS
  • Blast resistance classes up to EXR5-NS, EPR4-NS, additionally tested with 100kg, 200kg and 500kg of explosives (GSA2)
  • Frame materials steel and aluminium