Perimeter security up to highest impact loads

Recent attack scenarios have tragically revealed the urgent necessity to integrate the safety of access roads to buildings and public areas in any effective security concept. To prevent violent penetration of access areas by all kinds of vehicles, SAELZER offers a wide range of security barriers, drop arm barriers and bollards.

All our systems for perimeter security not only offer certified functionality but also consider in their customized design a trouble-free, low-maintenance long-term use. The latest SAELZER development in this product category is a mobile barrier system for perimeter security which may be installed temporarily in the course of public events.

Perimeter security by SAELZER – safety classes and standards

  • Barriers, drop arm barriers and pollards by SAELZER are available according to the following standards: PAS68, US-Dep. of State SD-STD-02.01 (up to level K12)

A secure alternative to barriers

Tested and approved security drop arm barriers for the regulation of traffic and access to buildings and safety relevant areas. Suitable for high traffic volume. Blocking access widths up to 6 m in horizontal drop arm position.

Options: signal and security lights, extreme weather package, safety loops, access control systems and many other options. SAELZER drop arms have been installed around the world in environments ranging from – 40° to + 50° C.

SAELZER wedge barriers are designed for maximum perimeter entry security

SAELZER anti vehicle barriers for maximum ram protection up to class K12 or PAS 68. Low depth of only 400 mm (“flatbed barrier”). Optional emergency-up control, closing the barrier within 1 second, thus protecting against attacks by heavy trucks, cars or bikes. System available also for rental.
Terrorists and criminals use all methods available to reach their targets. SAELZER barriers offer highest protection for this kind of threat.


High resistance and appealing design

Anti-terror-bollards by SAELZER available as fixed or flexible (automized) unit- offer protection against violent impact of all kinds of vehicles. Blocked area may be defined individually by distance between bollards and number of units.

Each bollard is characterized by high stability and resistance without sacrificing a decorative design. The design can be individually adapted to the historical circumstances of a building.